April 24-26 , 2017
*April 27-28, 2017

Cost :
Days 1-3 Cost : $900.00 Early bird if registered before March 24, 2017 – $1000.00 if registered after March 24, 2017
*Days 4-5 additional total cost of only $100.00

Days 1-3 – 9am-4pm Monday-Wednesday
* Days 4-5 – 9am-4pm Thursday, 9am-noon Friday

FMCS DC training center
One Independence Square
250 E St, SW
Washington, DC 20427

Whether you are a facilitator or a participant, this training can help your meetings be more energized, more effective, and more efficient. People who participate in your meetings in the future are likely to say, “That was a great meeting!” rather than, “I couldn’t wait for that meeting to end!” The 3-day version will give you many meeting strategies, including ways to prepare for meetings, problem analysis tools, interest based problem solving, communication techniques, decision making tools, and many ways of responding to difficult or dysfunctional behavior.

This highly interactive three-day course also offers an optional “add-on” over Thursday and Friday to provide significant focus and role playing, as well as additional content such as group mission statements, feedback mechanisms, and ways of involving remote participants. While days 1-3 provide all the foundation you need to stop the meeting madness, the optional days of 4-5 will take that tool kit to a higher level!

Heather Brown, Director, Education & Training – Washington, DC
Denise McKenney, FMCS Commissioner, Washington, DC
Ramona Buck, FMCS Commissioner, Washington, DC
Rozmyn Miller, FMCS Commissioner, Washington, DC
Ted Bantle, FMCS Commissioner, Washington, DC