Building Labor-Management Relationships

In the changing workplace and economic environment, the role of mediators continues to expand beyond the critical “firefighter” function, arriving at the last moment to assist the parties in resolving a contract dispute. Frequently, we become involved very early in negotiations or during the course of a contract to provide facilitation, consultation and training for both sides in an effort to assist with more effective problem solving, bargaining, communications and improving the relationship.

The American workplace is the basic foundation of the U.S. economy, and the ability of American business to compete worldwide relates directly to workplace performance. The workplace labor-management relationship, therefore, has major economic implications, because it affects product and service quality, productivity and profits of firms, and the jobs and employment security of workers. To assist management and labor in improving their relationship so they can learn to work together on issues of mutual interest, as a team instead of adversaries, FMCS offers a range of Relationship Development and Training services, which are broadly defined as collaborative union-management processes.