Interested in becoming an FMCS Mediator?

As a Mediator you will be responsible for promoting the development of sound and stable labor-management relationships in the private, public and Federal sector by advocating the practice of collective bargaining, mediation and arbitration. You will also be responsible for fostering the establishment and maintenance of constructive joint processes to improve labor-management relationships and preventing or minimizing work stoppages through the use of mediation, relationship development training and other joint processes. Mediators also provide a wide range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to help government entities reduce litigation costs, including mediation of discrimination and other claims, workplace conflict management training, facilitation, systems design and negotiated rulemaking.

Stationed in offices throughout the United States, FMCS Mediators are full-time excepted service employees of the Federal government that perform duties in five major areas: collective bargaining mediation; grievance mediation; relationship development training; ADR services to government entities; and education, outreach, and advocacy.

Please click here to review the Mediator Minimum Qualification Requirements to see if you qualify.

Mediator Conditions of Employment:

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Males born after 12-31-59 must be registered for Selective Service
  • Selectee must meet/maintain suitability and security requirements, as determined by a background investigation
  • Selectee will be required to successfully complete a probationary (trial) period of up to two (2) years
  • Possessing and maintaining a valid and current driver’s license
  • Working a non-standard work schedule
  • Accepting duty station assignments as determined by FMCS and accepting subsequent reassignments made for the good of FMCS
  • Living within the office commuting distance as designated by the hiring Regional Director.

 How to Apply

All FMCS external employment opportunities are posted to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) USAJOBS website. This includes all Mediator, Developmental Mediator, non-Mediator and Pathways (Internships, Recent Graduates, and PMFs) positions. Available postings:

FMCS is an equal opportunity employer committed to employing a highly qualified staff that reflects the diversity of our nation.

FMCS utilizes an Open Continuous announcement to establish its nationwide pool of qualified Mediator candidates that can be selected at any time a vacancy becomes available. Any resumes submitted are considered active, in the selected duty stations until the closing date of the announcement. If your application is reviewed and you are rated as qualified, nothing further is required from you to remain eligible for interview consideration.

Tips for Writing a Federal Resume

Note: All Mediator applicants are encouraged to sign up for FMCS Updates via email, by subscribing to the Career notifications. By subscribing, an email notification will be sent directly to you when a specific duty location is currently being recruited for to indicate a cut-off date for application submission.

If your application is reviewed and rated as ineligible, but you gain the required experience during the open period of the announcement, please reapply through USAJOBS ensuring your updated resume reflects this additional experience to potentially qualify you for the next location’s cut off deadline.

If you do not have an account with USAJOBS you will need to establish one and upload your resume and supporting documentation in order to apply and be considered for any position with FMCS. For information regarding establishing a USAJOBS account, click the following links:

Get Started with USAJOBS                                Setting Up a USAJOBS account

   Create a Profile                                                     Understand a job announcement

Once an account has been established in USAJOBS you have the option to upload your already established resume or to build it using USAJOBS online Resume Builder. If you choose to use your own resume, you must ensure it contains all of the required information and you organize it so we can associate the necessary information for each experience/position on your resume. Click the following links for more information regarding how to create your resume and upload documents:

Create a resume                                                    Edit a resume

Upload a resume                                                  Upload documents

Now that your resume has been created and your supporting documents have been uploaded, you now have the ability to apply for FMCS employment opportunities. Additionally, USAJOBS can email you directly any designated employment opportunities through the ‘Saved Searches’ feature.  Click the following links for information regarding how to apply and saving a search:

Update an application                                          View job applications

Create an application                                           Save a Search

Save an application                                              Check on the status of an application

Application status notifications are provided to applicants at four stages during the recruitment process:

Stage 1: Application Received

Stage 2: Application Assessed

Stage 3: Applicant Referred or Not Referred to Selection Official

Stage 4: Applicant Selected or Not Selected

Assessed application (Stage 2) results will be sent within 15-30 days after each Mediator announcement cut-off date or after the closing date of all non-Mediator announcements.  You may also go to “My Account” to view your application status.

Prior to the cut off or closing date of an announcement, applicants are encouraged to contact the FMCS Office of Human Resources at (202)606-5460 or with any questions or concerns regarding their application. The FMCS Office of Human Resources is unable to accept any additional documentation not submitted through USAJOBS.

If you are experiencing any issues using USAJOBS, please contact the USAJOBS Help Center directly for assistance:

  1. Go to the Help Center to find a topic and answer related to your question. Look in the FAQs, How To’s and Working in Government
  2. Go to the page that best matches your question. If the information doesn’t answer your question, click the Contact Us button located on the right hand side of that page or the Still need help? Contact Us button towards the bottom of that page.
  3. Fill out the form and click Send.

Once you submit the Contact Us form, they will get back to you within one business day.

USAJOBS does not provide direct phone support. The Contact Us form will send an email to the USAJOBS Help Desk where you can ask for assistance by phone or email.

Next Steps

FMCS hiring managers are prohibited from engaging with applicants once the recruitment process begins. To avoid the perception of preference or advantage during the recruitment process, please refrain from contacting current FMCS employee(s) and direct your questions/concerns to the FMCS Office of Human Resources at (202)606-5460 or

After a job announcement closes each applicant’s resume and supporting documentation is reviewed to determine whether or not the specific job qualifications listed on the announcement have been met.

Once the review has been completed, a list of qualified applicants is referred to the hiring manager for further consideration. The application status of these applicants will change to “Referred”. All other applicants (not being considered) will see a “Not Referred” status. If your name is referred, you may be contacted for a possible interview. FMCS does not arrange travel or provide any reimbursement to candidates for expenses related to interviews.

Note: Beyond the system generated notifications sent via USAJOBS, FMCS does not provide additional information unless responding to a reconsideration request regarding an application status that has been reasonably demonstrated by the applicant.

 In addition, to your resume, during the interview process your level of experience in the following will also be considered:

  • Assessing, designing, delivering and evaluating processes aimed at improving relationships and/or organizational effectiveness
  • Designing and implementing conflict resolution systems and conflict resolution practices and procedures
  • Demonstrating a working knowledge of the general structure, functions, policies and practices of employer and labor relations
  • Facilitating discussions, leading formal presentations and conducting training courses
  • Effectively managing caseloads and completing activities within established schedules
  • Independently using computers and computer applications to research and analyze information and develop presentations for training purposes
  • Demonstrating superior communication skills (verbal and written)

Due to the number of qualified applications received for FMCS Mediator positions, the competitive nature of our structured interview process, and the varying factors that must be considered for each selection, additional feedback cannot be provided to applicants regarding their interview results.

Additional Info

Benefits of Working for FMCS

As an FMCS employee, you may be eligible for a variety of Civil Service benefits. Many of these benefits are cost-shared by the government and are comparable to and often better than those of many employers in private industry. Click HERE for detailed information regarding benefits.

Pay & Leave

All FMCS employees are covered under the General Schedule (GS) pay system. The General Schedule has 15 grades–GS-1 (lowest) to GS-15 (highest). Each grade has 10 step rates (steps 1-10) that are each worth approximately 3 percent of the employee’s salary.

Note: The starting salary of any new GS employee is at the step one of the applicable GS grade, this is non-negotiable. Current Federal employees who move to a GS position and are not considered newly appointed may have pay set above step 1 based only on a previous Federal civilian rate of pay.

The GS base pay schedule is usually adjusted annually each January with an across-the-board pay increase based on nationwide changes in the cost of wages and salaries of private industry workers. Most GS employees are also entitled to locality pay, which is a geographic-based percentage rate that reflects pay levels for non-Federal workers in certain geographic areas as determined by surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2018 Base Pay Tables

2018 Locality Pay Tables

Background Checks & Security Clearance

Designated by position, all FMCS employees are required to obtain and maintain the required level of background check or security clearance. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of a position offer or removal.