Communication occurs for many reasons and in many situations, circumstances, and environments.  In the workplace, we are tasked with goals and objectives critical to mission accomplishment. Communicating effectively with our peers, our subordinates, and our managers is essential for successful outcomes. However, ineffective communication approaches can derail even the best intentions to ‘get the job done.’ This program identifies the core interpersonal communication skills necessary to achieve the outcomes we seek in the workplace and provides strategies for daily communication success. Following the program, participants will be able to identify the six core competencies of outcome-based communication and develop strategies for utilizing these skills for improved workplace environments, enhanced conflict resolution outcomes, and all-important mission accomplishment goals.

Topics to Include:

  • Leadership and Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Outcome Goals
  • Interpersonal Dynamics at Work
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Empowering (and avoiding Disempowering) Others
  • Reframing the Perspectives of Others
  • Curiosity and Inquiry Skills
  • Maximizing Internal Locus of Control
  • Personal Action Planning