This course is geared toward labor-management practitioners with substantial experience in industrial, labor, and employment relations who wish to become labor arbitrators.

Successful completion of the Becoming A Labor Arbitrator (BALA) course will qualify participants for reduced requirement for the FMCS Panel. Successful completion of this course is an acceptable substitute for four of the five minimum number of cases required to be placed on the FMCS Arbitrator Roster. Additionally, applicants who have completed BALA can participate as an “apprentice” to an arbitrator in two arbitrations (three without successful mock award in BALA training taken on or after June 2019) instead of completing an award in their own arbitration. Successful completion of this course does not, however, guarantee selection for the FMCS Roster. The course can also enhance the practice and skills of current arbitrators.

Registration Information

Please Note: The staff and faculty for the Labor Arbitration course require a clear bio of your collective bargaining experience to be completed and submitted prior to acceptance to the Labor Arbitration course, if you intend to apply for placement on the FMCS Arbitrator Roster. This bio must outline, unambiguously, your years of collective bargaining experience.

This course is typically offered only twice a year. Please make your hotel reservation only after you have been approved for this course.

Once you reserve your seat for the course, you will be asked whether you intend to apply for placement on the FMCS Roster. If you do not intend to apply for FMCS Roster placement at this time, you must send an e-mail affirming this.

Topics Include:

  • The law of arbitration
  • Arbitration, practice, scheduling and pre-hearing procedures
  • Conducting the hearing, issues framing, witnesses and records
  • Evidence
  • Award and opinion writing
  • Ethics
  • FMCS arbitration policies and procedures
  • Building a practice
  • Application process to the FMCS Roster of Arbitrators