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Those who wish to be considered for our Roster must complete an application form (“Personal Data Questionnaire”) and submit it to the Office of Arbitration along with five letters of reference, including two from labor representatives and two from management representatives. The fifth may be from either labor or management or from a neutral (but not from a current FMCS mediator). The application will be examined and then turned over to the Arbitrator Review Board, which meets periodically to review applications and make recommendations to the Agency Director. Criteria for inclusion on the Roster are set forth in the Arbitration Policies and Procedures found on the side navigation panel to the left. For the application form, please click: APPLICATION

Proof of qualifications required include submission of five recent arbitration awards. The award requirement is reduced for those who complete the course on “Becoming a Labor Arbitrator,” offered through the FMCS Institute. For more information on this course and other Institute offerings, please click: FMCS INSTITUTE.