F-7 Notice Submission Form

F7 Notice of Bargaining

By completing the following form you are hereby notifying FMCS that written notice of proposed termination or modification of the existing collective bargaining contract was served upon the other party to this contract and that no agreement was reached. In the case of an initial agreement following recognition or certification, this form also serves to notify FMCS that no agreement has been reached.

When submitted, this online form provides you with a confirmation number for proof of submission and future reference. Use of this form is the preferred method of submission. Please do not also send your notice by any other means, whether email, fax, or post. This creates confusion and considerable extra work. If you decide to also notify your FMCS regional director or other FMCS official (not required), please make sure that you indicate to that person that you have already submitted it online.

Federal agencies and unions representing federal employees should NOT submit this F-7 notice. Instead, please click here to access and submit the "Request for Federal Sector Collective Bargaining Mediation."

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* Please be patient while submitting your F-7 to FMCS. Do not click the 'Submit' button more than once. Doing so may cause a duplicate submission and no confirmation page.

NOTE: You should receive a date time AND a confirmation number on the page you receive after you submit online.

If there is no confirmation number on the page your notice was not successfully received. Please contact FMCS if this occurs at NPUFax@fmcs.gov*

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