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  • Use the “Find A Listing” search function below to search by Name, FMCS Geographical District, or Zip Code
  • FMCS mediators cover a wide geographical area. Using the Zip Code search will result in displaying the nearest mediator to the entered zip code location at the top of the list, with subsequent results listed in order of distance.

For general information, FMCS District Administrative Specialists can be reached at the following phone numbers:

Great Lakes District: 216-520-4801
Headquarters District: 216-520-4800
Mid Atlantic District: 215-717-7499
North Central District: 612-331-6672
North East District: 732-726-3122
North West District: 206-553-5800
South Central District: 314-205-2008
South East District: 615-667-6721
South West District: 818-507-9002