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Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
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  Publications about FMCS Programs and Services

Publications in PDF format that describe the Agency's programs and services.
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> Arbitration for Federal Advocates - DC
> Mediation Skills for the Workplace - Oakland, CA
> Philadelphia Federal Executive Board 3-day Basic Mediation Skills Training
> Calendar of Events
Success Stories
  FMCS Hosts Salutes to Collective Bargaining

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News Room
  > FMCS Statement on Tentative Settlement Between IAMAW Local 219 and AllSource Global Management
  > FMCS Statement on Tentative West Coast Ports Agreement Between the ILWU and the PMA
  > FMCS Statement on Tentative Agreements Between the IBEW, the CWA and FairPoint Communications, Inc.
  > FMCS Issues Joint Statement on Behalf of the IBEW, CWA and FairPoint Communications, Inc.
Fast Track
  > Filing a Notice to Mediation Agencies (F-7) with FMCS  
  > Find a Mediator  
  > Requesting an Arbitration Panel  
  > FMCS Institute for Conflict Management  
  > FMCS Contingency Plan for Agency Operations in the Absence of Appropriations  
  > Employment Opportunities  
  > Annual Reports  
  > Mission and Values  
  > Documents En Espanol