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  Chinese Labor Officials and Scholars Visit FMCS National Headquarters

Release Date: 8/15/2005


On July 26, 2005 FMCS Acting Director Scot L. Beckenbaugh welcomed Vice Minister of Labor and Social Security Hua Fuzhou to the National Office for a briefing on the agency and collective bargaining in the United States. The briefing was the direct result of an earlier visit to China by former FMCS Director Peter Hurtgen in November 2005. FMCS mediators and Chinese labor officials and scholars will explore projects of mutual benefit and continue a working and learning relationship together.


From the center, left to right. FMCS Commissioner David Thaler, Vice Minister Hua and FMCS Acting Director Scot L. Beckenbaugh.  Second from the right.  FMCS Office of Public Affairs Director John Arnold. Vice Minister Hua was accompanied by officials and scholars from the Labor Relations and Wage Department, the International Cooperation Department and the Guangdong Provinicial Labor Department.



Chinese scholar Dr. Ye Jingyi, Vice Director of the Labor Law and Social Security Institute, Beijing University Law School, met with FMCS Acting Director Scot L. Beckenbaugh on August 2, 2005. Professor Ye, a respected scholar of the People's Republic of China, learned about the U.S. collective bargaining process and wondered how FMCS--as small as it is--is capable of handling labor strife in the entire United States.  She was curious to learn how we do what we do.