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Appreciative Inquiry and Complexity Science- a symphony of infinite possibilities.
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Appreciative Inquiry is a positive strength based approach to change. At its core it is the study and exploration of what gives life to human systems when they are operating at their best. It is based on the premise that every human system has experienced successes, something that works well, and times of extraordinary achievements. When these times are systematically recalled, examined, and fused with any change agenda, a positive energy is unleashed for personal and organizational transformation.


Participants in this highly interactive seminar will learn the history, philosophy, principles and application of the 5 D model of Appreciative Inquiry (Define, Discover Dream, Design, and Deliver).


Moreover, participants will be introduced to Complexity Science -chaos theory, complex adaptive systems and dissipative structures. These concepts deepen the understanding of the phases of AI; and provide ways to shift any pattern.

The format will be small and large group discussions, simulations and other exercises.

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