Advanced Negotiation Skills – Oakland, CA

/Advanced Negotiation Skills – Oakland, CA

ExpiredAdvanced Negotiation Skills – Oakland, CA

May 15-16, 2018

8:30am—5:00 pm

$950.00    Early bird $ 875.00 if registered by April 27, 2016

Location :
FMCS Institute Oakland Training Center
7677 Oakport Street Suite # 500
Oakland, CA 94621


Advanced Negotiation Skills

Expand your bargaining universe with innovative, integrative bargaining models.


  • Was your last negotiations less than what you really wanted or hoped for?
  • What threw you for a loop during your last negotiations?
  • Was the process frustrating?
  • Did you get into the accusation death spiral?
  • Did you have difficulty identifying or clarifying what they really needed?
  • And why did the other side have such blind loyalty to their irrational thoughts?

Now, imagine completing your collective bargaining negotiations in hours or days, not weeks or months.  Imagine spending more time problem-solving instead of strategizing.  Imagine enhancing your working relationship and completing negotiations at the same time.

This course provides a review of the traditional bargaining model, but more importantly, will increase your options at the table as well as knowledge of collaborative models.  The highlight of this course is the introduction of the FMCS-pioneered Straight Up Negotiations (SUN) process. After reviewing our over 75 years of experience in bargaining, a term of our most experienced FMCS mediators developed SUN which focuses on transparency and problem-solving as the means for parties to reach agreements that are clear, sustainable and deepen strategic alliances between the parties.

Topics Include:

  • Review of traditional bargaining, with an emphasis on difficult situations.
  • What neuroscience has taught us about negotiations, intentions, and tribalism/affiliation
  • In-depth dive into integrative bargaining models (Interest-Based Bargaining, Critical Issues Bargaining, Modified Traditional Bargaining)
  • Building consensus
  • Commitments necessary for collaborative models
  • Stages of Straight Up Negotiations (SUN)
  • Preparation for SUN
  • Hands-on practice with the creators of SUN



Lydia Baca, FMCS Commissioner
Steve Kessler, FMCS Commissioner


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