FMCS Observes 70th Anniversary

//FMCS Observes 70th Anniversary

FMCS Observes 70th Anniversary

FMCS observed the Agency’s 70th Anniversary at FMCS headquarters at 250 E Street SW, Washington, D.C.,  on August 22, 2017, with a day of seminars and webinars for its labor-management customers and interested parties seeking to improve their collective bargaining relationship, resolve workplace disputes, or bargain more effectively and efficiently.

The new FMCS C3 Conflict Resolution Series of webinars was launched as part of the day’s events, highlighting trends and strategies related to conflict resolution that are designed to help labor-management better communicate and collaborate to create solutions for the Future@Work.

The day also featured a panel discussion focusing on 21st Century Leadership – and how labor and management can apply best practices of leadership in their own organizations. Panelists included: Brian Redmond PhD, Penn State University; Silvia Fabela, The Center for Popular Democracy; Israel Nunez, USAF Reserve and FMCS; and Moderator Conrad Bowling.

Currently, all seats for anniversary events have been fully booked. Join us online for the launch of the C3 Conflict Resolution Panel Series. 

Click the image to enlarge the schedule of events or download it here.