District Offices

Field Offices

Headquartered in Washington, DC — FMCS delivers Services to the Nation Through 2 Regions Comprising of 8 District Offices and more than 60 Field and Home Offices.

FMCS mediators work from more than 60 field offices throughout the nation.

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Here is a list of offices nearest you:

FMCS Field and District Office Address Listing

National Office

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
250 E Street Southwest
Washington, DC 20427

Phone: (202) 606-8100     Fax: (202) 606-4251

FMCS Deputy Director, Field Operations: D. Scott Blake
250 E Street Southwest

Washington, DC 20427

Phone: (202) 606-8100   Fax: (202) 606-4251

District Offices

Field Station Responsibility:

Peter Donatello, Executive Manager
(732) 726-3120
Northeast District

Stephen Millen, Executive Manager
(612) 331-6675
Mid-Atlantic District

Javier Ramirez, Executive Manager
(202) 606-3722
National Capital Region District

Michael Franczak, Executive Manager
(216) 520-4809
Great Lakes District

Peter Cheng, Executive Manager
(615) 223-6917
Southeast District

Lane Harstad, Executive Manager
(612) 331-6193
North Central District

Beth Schindler, Executive Manager
(206) 553-5800
Northwest District

Linda Gonzalez, Executive Manager
(818) 409-1324
Southwest District

Barbara Rumph, Executive Manager
(314) 205-2007
South Central District