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Field Programs & Innovation

The Office of Field Programs and Innovation bridges the gap between national office support services and the needs of mediators by using technology to improve service delivery and providing training, outreach, and special projects. The director is responsible for identifying and promoting information resources and communications tools that allow the Service to fulfill its mission as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Javier Ramirez, Director of Field Programs & Innovation

Manager of Field Programs and Innovation

Javier Ramirez

Mr. Ramirez is tasked with building systematic coordination between national office support services and the needs of FMCS frontline mediators, making the best use of new, cost-saving technologies for improved service delivery, customer care, training, outreach, and special projects. His priorities include creating and innovating better internal information resources and communications tools for mediators.

Mr. Ramirez has been at the forefront of the Agency’s efforts to engage, inform and educate prospective customers, stakeholders and interested parties with new technologies and innovative outreach programs. He has helped lead successful training efforts for new FMCS mediators as well as for peers in mediation services in federal, state and local government units. In addition, he has represented the Agency in international training efforts in Bangladesh and has been the recipient of multiple FMCS spot and performance awards, including, most recently, the 2013 Director’s Award, in recognition of his work.

Mr. Ramirez began his FMCS career as a Commissioner in 2005. As a Commissioner and Field Mediator for FMCS, he has trained and successfully facilitated parties in interest-based problem solving and modified traditional bargaining in sectors of the economy ranging from manufacturing to university professors. As a member of the training team for new FMCS mediators, Mr. Ramirez leads instruction on facilitation skills including modules on facilitating complex multi-party disputes. He has also led training teams for the peer mediators of the U.S. Forest Service and Milwaukee Public Schools. In addition, Mr. Ramirez has successfully facilitated multi-party issues in manufacturing, construction and the public sector.

Mr. Ramirez has presented at numerous national and regional conferences on conflict related topics including, generational conflict, conflict resolution, improving communication, effective use of mediation and collective bargaining (traditional and interest based). Mr. Ramirez completed a three-part interest-based problem solving program in Bangladesh for government officials, labor and industry, which included facilitation techniques.

Prior to FMCS, Mr. Ramirez spent more than 14 years in labor relations negotiating contracts, and resolving disputes in areas such as immigration, contract administration, communication, staffing, and politics (Federal, state and local). His efforts have been featured in Rolling Stone and Chicago Tribune Magazine, and cited in the New York Times Best Seller “Fast Food Nation” and Chicago Lawyer magazine.

Contact Javier Ramirez at (312) 343-1546.