Education & Training and the FMCS Institute

The Office of Education and Training supports and drives a continuous learning environment for mediators, managers, and the national office staff consistent with the FMCS vision.  The director identifies and develops training materials and programs that support employees acquiring core competencies and high levels of job competency.

Director of Education and Training Heather Brown

Director of Education and Training

Heather Brown
Heather Brown is the Director of Education and Training for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), a position she has held since February 2011. Before joining the FMCS she worked at the American Psychological Association holding positions in both human resources and PsycINFO.

As Director of Education and Training for FMCS, Ms. Brown oversees training and professional development programs for the FMCS workforce, FMCS customers, and the FMCS Institute. Ms. Brown is charged with developing a more flexible and capable Education and Training organization that is responsive to FMCS leadership and strategic plans. Under Ms. Brown’s guidance, newly hired mediators are taken through a five-week formal training program that includes classroom and distance learning to coordinate with on-the-job shadowing. She works to develop a workforce that is capable of responding to changing organizational and individual needs by offering individual development plan support and training, as well as designing and delivering targeted classroom training.

In late 2011, Ms. Brown began leadership of the FMCS Institute for Conflict Management. The Institute provides unique training opportunities for the conflict resolution professionals around the country. Some Institute courses include: Mediation Skills, Negotiation Skills, Becoming a Labor Arbitrator, Arbitration for Advocate, Facilitation Skills, and many more.

Ms. Brown holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland, and an Master of Arts in human resources development from George Washington University. She is also proud to be a weekend warrior and after completing over 30 various triathlons accomplished her dream of completing an Ironman event in 2014.