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  The Art of Inquiry - DC

The Art of Inquiry: How to Use Questions for Effective Problem-Solving and Dispute Resolution

One day workshop $275.00

November 13, 2013 - 9am – 4pm

FMCS DC Training Center

Room 200

2100 K Street NW,

Washington, DC 20427

Back by popular demand !  This interactive workshop explores how to best use questions to bring parties in conflict together and facilitate problem-solving, with a strong focus on how the neutral decides which questions to ask, why they choose those questions, and when different types of questions are most effective. Participants will practice with conflict scenarios and role plays to develop their own inquiry skills.

"Audience: Neutrals, Mediators, Facilitators, Team Leaders, or anyone interested in improving their problem-solving skill set."


· Pre-Instruction Role Play and debrief

· Question types and categories; the “intent” behind the question

· Conflict scenario practice

· Synthesizing Reframing with Inquiry

· Small Group Discussion: Obstacles to Candid Answers

· Facilitating with questions

· Facilitation Role Play

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FMCS Institute for Conflict Management (202) 606-3627 or (206) 553-2773.