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  FMCS Partners with Department of Education for Labor-Management Collaboration in Nation's Schools

Release Date: 2/16/2011

On February 15, FMCS Director George Cohen joined U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan for the Department of Education's first-ever conference on labor-management collaboration for public school systems. The two-day conference kicked off a partnership among the Department of Education, the FMCS and major public education organizations representing teachers, school administrators and school boards to identify ways that collaborative labor-management relationships, policies and agreements can more directly advance student achievement in the nationís public schools.
Education Secretary Duncan framed the partnership's goals and articulated 10 key areas of challenge and opportunity in implementing student-centered principles. In an FMCS press release announcing the collaboration, FMCS Director George Cohen noted that the Agency has a cadre of highly trained and experienced mediators committed to offering labor and management their services in facilitating the discussions concerning any of the myriad of reform-related issues that may arise throughout the course of their relationship.
For the full text of Secretary Duncan's speech at the Denver conference on February 15, click here.
For the Department of Education news release and conference video, click here.