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  How Can You Use Online Mediation?

Traditional Negotiations

In technology-enhanced traditional negotiations, typically one person serves as chief spokesperson (in contrast to Interest-based approaches where all participants have a voice). Consistent with this philosophy, usually only one person from each side is supplied with a computer. An LCD projector displays information for the bargaining teams to view. The parties do not use technology to replace discussions. They use technology to supplement the submission of proposals, work with reference documents and contracts, coordinate meeting activities and keep bargaining notes.  Data can be uploaded to the FMCS TAGS Internet server for use between meetings or for interim online meetings. 

In face-to-face meetings, if the parties don't have adequate equipment, the computers may be provided by FMCS’ TAGS services group. Parties can meet at one of the TAGS electronic conference centers, or have computers shipped to a hotel or other meeting site.

Interest-Based Negotiations 

In support of interest-based bargaining training, FMCS provides continuing assistance to participants for their problem-solving mechanics in a labor-management committee, in bargaining negotiations, or in an alternative dispute resolution process.

Since all participants have a voice in this bargaining approach, each person is supplied with a computer to supplement their discussions. This dramatically expedites the normally time-consuming process of facilitation. Feedback from participants suggests that time spent has been halved, compared to negotiations that did not use TAGS technology. Additionally, instead of flipcharts being typed up at a later time by someone not in attendance at the meeting, meeting participants can have a written record (or disc) before leaving the meeting.

In face-to face meetings, if the parties don't have adequate equipment, computers, LCD projectors and printers may be provided by FMCS if the parties meet at one of our electronic conference centers. Equipment can also be shipped to a hotel or other meeting site.