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  Effective Facilitation

This highly interactive program is designed to outline the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to facilitate a committee meeting. The program draws heavily on exercises and simulations to give the participants opportunity to practice facilitating and to learn from one another.

The training also provides activities that will give an opportunity to acquire and develop skills related to planning and running effective meetings.

This program is designed for two types of clients:

  • For single clients, the program is tailored to meet the specific needs of one organization. It may be follow-up for some other service.
  • For multi-clients, the program is more broad-based and covers many of the basic skills required for facilitation.

Topics and Goals:

  • Understand the purpose of facilitation
  • Understand adult learning and working styles
  • Plan and facilitate an effective meeting
  • Acquire facilitation skills

Mediators as Facilitators
FMCS mediators are also available to facilitate meetings.