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FMCS Institute for Conflict Management

Advancing the Practice of Labor-Management Relations through Conflict Resolution Training

The FMCS Institute offers skills training and education in conflict†resolution and management. The training is specifically designed to meet the challenges of labor-management relations and organizational change.
Unique Training
The FMCS Institute for Conflict Management delivers conflict resolution training thatís accessible, practical, experience-based and directed towards individuals and small groups of employees and managers.

The Instituteís training programs provide participants the opportunity to interact with and learn from experienced practitioners who use these skills every day. Federal mediators and private-sector arbitrators comprise the Institute faculty.

Course Offerings

Arbitration for Advocates: This intensive three-day program is designed to enhance the arbitration skills of experienced labor relations practitioners -- union business agents, stewards, HR managers, and attorneys -- for both labor and management. Private and public-sector representatives will benefit.

Arbitration for Advocates with Special Federal Track: This intensive three-day program is designed for both the private and Federal sectors. Both NLRB and FLRA rules will be addressed.

Becoming a Labor Arbitrator: This course is geared toward labor-management practitioners with substantial experience in industrial, labor or employment relations who wish to become labor arbitrators.
Facilitation Skills:  Facilitation skills have become a core competency for effective workplace leaders. Whether you are a manager, union representative, supervisor, HR professional or team leader this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate group activities.
Labor-Management Negotiations: This dynamic and interactive negotiation workshop focuses on best practices and techniques needed for 21st century contract negotiations, problem-solving, grievance handling, EEO matters and labor-management disputes.

Mediation Skills for the Workplace: This course is highly interactive and the majority of the time is spent in specially designed role plays reflecting a variety of workplace related conflicts.
Negotiation Skills for the Workplace: Traditional to Interest-Based Bargaining and everything in between, develop the negotiation style thatís right for you and your climate.
Evidence and Witness Examination in Arbitration:  This new two-day course offers a special emphasis on evidence and witness examination in labor arbitration and expands upon the Institute's basic course on Arbitration for Advocates.