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  Institute for Conflict Management

The Institute Charter
The Institute for Conflict Management is a critical component of the FMCS effort to disseminate best practices in mediation and conflict resolution.

By offering unique courses in a variety of workplace subjects, customers’ particular requirements receive customized attention. Working with academic partners, the Institute presents the latest theory in conflict management, negotiation, arbitration and organizational development. 

The FMCS Institute neither competes nor conflicts with FMCS' statutory preventive mediation activities. It expands and enhances training and education opportunities, in both traditional and alternative dispute resolution techniques.

Who Uses the Institute?
Most courses draw participants from labor and management in a wide array of industries.

Courses are offered at locations across the country, in a safe atmosphere in which openness and experimentation are encouraged. Consequently, the ability to share information develops in ways not possible in traditional work settings. Employees return to their places of work with real skills from veteran practitioners. Train-the-trainer components can be integrated into the curriculum.

What Does the Institute Teach?
FMCS Institute courses include training in mediation, labor relations, collective bargaining, dispute resolution skills, arbitrator and arbitration skills, facilitation and process skills, group dynamics and multi-party facilitation, multi-party mediation, cultural diversity, equal employment opportunity (EEO) complaints, workplace violence prevention, and coping with grief in the workplace.