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  Education and Training

Guiding Principles:

(1)       Education and Training actions support the FMCS strategic plan.

(2)       We serve the FMCS workforce. We take direction from FMCS leadership responsible for establishing strategic direction for the agency. We provide services to employees to enhance their capacity to respond to organizational needs.

(3)       We partner with FMCS administration and program functions to produce a workforce capable of achieving FMCS strategic goals.

(4)       We create development opportunities with government partners and private organizations to increase our capabilities and performance.

Strategic Goals:

(1)       Develop a more flexible and capable Education and Training organization that is responsive to FMCS leadership and strategic plan.

(2)       Build a competency-based, integrated system for managing employee performance.

(3)       Ensure all employees are grounded in the history and mission of the FMCS and understand their contributions to the agency’s success.

(4)       Develop a workforce that is capable of responding to changing organizational and individual needs.