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  Office of the Director

The Director's Office is responsible for overseeing the policy development and administrative functions of the Agency as well as acting as a liaison with the White House, members of the President's Cabinet and Executive Branch, the Congress of the United States, and with the national leadership of the collective bargaining community.
Allison Beck is the Director of the Agency. 

Scot L. Beckenbaugh is the Deputy Director of Mediation Services and Field Operations for the FMCS.
Fran Leonard is the Chief Financial Officer at FMCS. The CFO reports to the Director and serves as the chief administrative officer.
Dawn E. Starr is the Agency's General Counsel. She carries out all legal activities of the FMCS; ensures full and proper implementation of the Agency’s statutory responsibilities; provides legal counsel to the Director, the Deputy Director, and other officials of FMCS.
John Arnold serves as the Director of Public Affairs. The Director of Public Affairs acts as the agency spokesperson and oversees FMCS communications to the news media and to key public and governmental organizations.