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Relationship-By-Objective (RBO)
Has your organization’s labor-management relationship deteriorated to a critical stage?

The RBO program is designed to improve relationships between labor and management. It concentrates on the process by which labor and management may work more constructively. It is not intended to renegotiate the contract. The program may be expanded to address production and training needs within the organization.

The program requires a strong commitment from both parties to improve the relationship.

Through structured interaction, both parties identify specific problem areas and develop mutually-agreeable objectives to address the issues. A restructured relationship is created with mutually chosen objectives. Agreed-upon action steps and timetables are planned, and timetables for their resolution.

Topics and Goals
  • Introduction to the RBO process
  • Identify viewpoints, concerns and conflict
  • Skills building
  • Transform viewpoints and concerns into action
  • Develop an action plan
  • Plan next steps