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  Conflict Resolution Week at FMCS

Effectively dealing with workplace conflict opens lines of communication, strengthens relationships, and
improves performance.  Unmanaged conflicts in the workplace can lead to reduced levels of cooperation
and teamwork, diminished employee commitment and lower levels of productivity. Participate in FMCS Conflict Resolution Week and learn skills that will make you more effective in the workplace.

Previous offerings included:

  • The New Face of Collective Bargaining 
  • The Consciously Competent Mediator: Self-Awareness Skills for Neutrals 
  • Pre-Decisional Involvement under E.O. 13522 
  • Effective Labor Management Committees 
  • Decision-Making By Consent
  • Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • Improving your Settlement Odds: How to Work with a Mediator 
  • Generational Divide: Myth, Reality or should we go back to work? 
  • IBB: Silver Bullet or Brass Ring?
  • Facilitation Skills for Large Group Meetings 
  • ADR Services for the Federal Government

Who will benefit from this training?
All labor, management, federal agency, and business professionals who want to enjoy the benefits of having
effective dispute resolution and people skills, less stress, greater harmony and improved productivity.

FMCS Institute for Conflict Management 202-606-3627 or 206-553-2773.