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  Speeches & Presentations

The Benefits of Federal Mediation in Collective Bargaining -- Independent research on the impact and benefits of federal mediation in collective bargaining. 
FMCS Impact 2014 -- An FMCS PowerPoint presentation describes the current scope and range of activities of the Agency and its mediators.
Advancing Student Achievement in the United States Public Schools Through Labor-Management Collaboration: the FMCS’s Evolving Role in Education Reform -- An academic paper by FMCS Director George H. Cohen describing FMCS activities in support of education reform through labor-management cooperation and collective bargaining.
A New Model for Managing Labor-Management Conflicts with Early Third Party Intervention -- An academic paper by FMCS Director George H. Cohen presented at the International Agencies Meeting in Cardiff, Wales, in September 2011. 
Relationships, Relationships, Relationships -- FMCS Director George H. Cohen discusses the ingredients for successful collective bargaining and a successful labor-management relationship in an interview in the fall 2013 issue of Symphony magazine, published by the League of American Orchestras.