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  Making Meetings Work Better

In a well-run traditional meeting, participants individually voice ideas while a facilitator tries to capture them on a flip chart, one-by-one.

In a TAGS meeting, participants simultaneously contribute ideas with our easy-to-use software on a network of computers.   All ideas immediately post to an electronic flip chart displayed on each person's computer and on a large screen at the front of the room.  Participants build on others' ideas and continue to offer new ideas in their own words and with complete anonymity. 

Using a mixture of group discussion and TAGS tools, participants can categorize and prioritize ideas, use electronic "ballots" to anonymously indicate their level of support for each idea, view tabulated results on-screen, and discuss results in an effort to reach consensus.

This technology does not replace expert mediation skills and human interaction among participants in a face-to-face meeting.   Instead, the mediator uses this technology to enhance participant interaction and outcome.

Once agreement is reached, participants can use TAGS to assign tasks with completion targets and implementation timelines. The mediator can print out complete meeting notes before participants leave the meeting and archive meeting data for future use (or shred the information to ensure confidentiality).