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FMCS’ Office of Budget and Finance has three principal responsibilities: budget formulation, its execution process, and funds control.

The department handles FMCS billings, vendor payments and employee travel reimbursements.

Budget & Finance
Notice to Customers Paying for FMCS Services by Check

Authorization to Convert Your Check: If you send us a check to make your payment, your check will be converted into an electronic fund transfer. Electronic fund transfer is the term used to refer to the process in which we electronically instruct your financial institution to transfer funds from your account to our account, rather than processing your check. By sending your completed, signed check to us, you authorize us to scan your check and to use the account information from your check to make an electronic fund transfer from your account for the same amount as the check. If the electronic fund transfer cannot be processed for technical reasons, you authorize us to process your original check.

Insufficient Funds: The electronic fund transfer from your account will usually occur within 24 hours, which is faster than a check is normally processed. Therefore, make sure there are sufficient funds available in your checking account when you send us your check. If the electronic fund transfer cannot be completed because of insufficient funds, we will not resubmit the check information for electronic fund transfer. Your bank may charge you a fee for insufficient funds.

Transaction Information: The electronic fund transfer from your account will be on the account statement you receive from your financial institution. However, the transfer may be in a different place on your statement than the place where your checks normally appear. For example, it may appear under other withdrawals or other transactions. You will not receive your original check back from your financial institution. For security reasons, we will destroy your original check, but we will keep a copy of the check for record keeping purposes.

Your Rights: You should contact your financial institution immediately if you believe that the electronic fund transfer reported on your account statement was not properly authorized or is otherwise incorrect. Consumers have protections under a Federal law called the Electronic Fund Transfer Act for an unauthorized or incorrect electronic fund transfer.

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