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Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management

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What DyADS Can Do for You
Dispute resolution systems are specifically designed to reduce the damaging effects of workplace conflict. The DyADS program was developed by FMCS with the help of leading experts to handle disputes that might not be addressed in the parties’ collective bargaining agreement. These can include claims of discrimination based on race, gender, disability, age, or sexual orientation as well as working-style disputes, personality conflicts, certain kinds of disagreements between supervisors and employees, or among employees themselves. Our experience shows that an accessible, effective conflict resolution system helps create a more productive workplace. At the same time, employees feel empowered because they have an opportunity to voice their concerns. DyADS can have many benefits for employees, managers, and the workplace. It can:   
  • Improve communications
  • Empower workers and supervisors to voice concerns and use conflict resolution tools to resolve internal conflicts
  • Reduce the number of expensive and potentially destructive lawsuits
  • Promote an inclusive working environment that encourages airing of disputes
  • Foster a highly-productive workplace that resolves – and learns from – conflict
  • Improve the quality of workplace life
  • Cultivate a flexible, creative, “conflict-competent” workforce
  • Create an accessible conflict resolution system that efficiently resolves disputes for employees at minimal cost and
  • Boost morale


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