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The FMCS TAGS Systemô is a powerful network of Internet servers, mobile computers, LCD projectors, and customized software that skilled FMCS mediators use to help groups:
  • Solve problems more effectively
  • Make better decisions
  • Implement decisions more successfully
  • Conduct successful meetings and conferences
  • Conduct online surveys

FMCS customers report that TAGS helps them become better prepared for meetings or negotiations, achieve a greater success in their meetings, save time and money, keep better records, and communicate better with constituents.

FMCS mediators may use TAGS tools in face-to-face gatherings (wherever they may be located) and/or on the Internet.

There are also TAGS-enabled Electronic Conference Centers for FMCS customers in Atlanta, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Newark, Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Washington, DC.

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