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Statement by FMCS Director George H. Cohen on NBA and NBA Players Association Tentative Agreement
FMCS Director George Cohen this morning released the following statement to the news media regarding the tentative agreement between the NBA and the NBA Players:

WASHINGTON, DC — “On behalf of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, I wish to congratulate the parties for having reached this important agreement through their direct negotiations.  This agreement not only assures long term stability in the relationship between the players and the owners, but also, significantly, it assures ongoing employment for tens of thousands of workers and their employers whose livelihoods depend on professional basketball.  Additionally, it supports the economies of a multitude of cities that host NBA games.”

“The parties commenced bargaining with strongly held competing positions and agendas motivated by understandable self interests.  But here’s the good news:  this is a classic case where those differences eventually were overridden because the parties have a powerful common interest—providing professional basketball to the public so that players could ply their trades and be compensated and owners could operate their businesses successfully.  In my considered judgment, that mutual interest enabled the parties to make the accommodations necessary to achieve an agreement.” 
For the full text of the FMCS news release, click here.



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