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Below is a listing of available Annual Reports that we have online for easy downloading. They are in PDF format.
Get Acrobat Reader
Get Acrobat Reader
PDF files require Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Acrobat, download it here.
Resource File Name Description
Acrobat Reader 2014 FMCS Annual Report   Public%20DocumentsFY2014_Annual_Report_Final.pdf    
Acrobat Reader 2013 FMCS Annual Report   Public%20Affairs2014%20DocumentsFY2013_Annual_Report_Final_2-21-14.pdf    
Acrobat Reader 2012 FMCS Annual Report   Public%20Documents2012_Annual_Report.pdf   2012 FMCS Annual Report  
Acrobat Reader 2011 FMCS Annual Report   Public%20Documents2011_Annual_Report.pdf    
Acrobat Reader 2010 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFY2010_Annual_Report.pdf    
Acrobat Reader 2009 FMCS Annual Report   Public%20Documents2009_Annual_Report.pdf    
Acrobat Reader 2008 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFY2008_Annual_Report.pdf    
Acrobat Reader 2007 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFY2007_Annual_Report.pdf    
Acrobat Reader 2006 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFY2006_Annual_Report.pdf    
Acrobat Reader 2005 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFINAL_FY_2005_Annual_Report.pdf    
MS Word 2004 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFY04_AnnualReport_FINAL113004.doc    
MS Word 2003 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFY2003_Annual_Report_with_correction.doc    
MS Word 2002 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFY2002AnnualReport.doc    
MS Word 2001 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reportsFY2001AnnualReport.doc    
Acrobat Reader 2000 FMCS Annual Report   annual%20reports2000AnnualReport.pdf