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Arbitration for Advocates
Immerse yourself in an intensive program designed to enhance the arbitration skills of experienced labor relations practitioners.

Generational Divide: Myth, Reality, or Should We Go Back to Work
Examine and discuss the opportunities and challenges that arise with multiple generations in the workplace and leave with tips for developing proactive strategies engaging all generations.

Essential Neutral Skills Series: The Art and Science of Inquiry
Explore and practice how to best use questions to bring parties in conflict together, and facilitate problem-solving discussions.

Essential Neutral Skills Series: Consciously Competent Neutral
Learn skills that will enable you to become a more effective neutral by identifying the subconscious and instinctive mental processes that can impact yours and the parties' productive resolution efforts as well as strategies for ensuring neutrality and sel

Can't We All Just Get Along? Bullying Behavior Webinar
After this presentation, participants should be able to identify issues associated with workplace bullying and how they may turn them into EEO complaints & grievances identify best route for resolution of bullying complaints assess strategies before, durin

Art and Science of Dealing with Difficult People
Each and every day, we encounter people whose behavior comes across to us as obstructive,obnoxious, stubborn, offensive, or worse.  What are the roots of difficult behavior ?

Leadership Conflict Resolution Skills - The Six Competencies of
Communication occurs for many reasons and in many situations, circumstances, and environments.  In the workplace, we are tasked with goals and objectives critical to mission accomplishment.

Leadership Conflict Resolution Skills

Leadership Conflict Resolution Skills

Leadership Conflict Resolution Skills

New NLRB Deferral Standards
In Babcock & Wilcox Construction Co., the Board made significant changes to the stand-
ards applicable to reviewing arbitral decisions and grievance settlements.

Arbitration for Advocates in the Federal Sector
Enhance your arbitration and advocacy skills in a course that addresses both private and federal sector rules in a course designed for experienced labor relations practitioners.

Becoming a Labor Arbitrator
Thinking about becoming a labor arbitrator? This program is geared toward labor-management practitioners with substantial experience in industrial, labor, and employment relations looking to develop the skills essential for labor arbitration.

Evidence and Witness Examination in Arbitration
Emphasizing evidence and witness examination in labor arbitration; this course expands upon the Institute's basic course: Arbitration for Advocates.

Facilitation Skills
Investigate, observe and practice a wide variety of facilitation styles and techniques.

Mediation Skills for the Workplace
Integrating theory and practice, this course focuses on participants developing a conceptual understanding of the mediation process as it is applied to workplace issues.

Negotiation Skills
Learn to develop the negotiation style, from traditional to interest-based, that is right for you and the bargaining climate in which you work.